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Mozambique: Where Every Holiday Dream Comes True

Aholiday means something different to everyone. Some may classify their perfect holiday as a trip to the bush, while others may prioritize the beach for their getaway. Mozambique is able to offer anything to suit the tastes of their visitors – history, bush, and beach, there is something for everyone. Mozambique is a country situated in east Africa that runs along the coastline of the Indian Ocean and is known for its delectable seafood, craft-minded people, traditional marimba bands, and most importantly, flawless beaches.

Inhambane: Where History Meets Tropical Paradise

When scouting out the perfect beach spot in Mozambique, we have our finger on Inhambane. Being one of the oldest towns in Mozambique, the town reflects a great deal of fascinating history, paired with the most magnificent tropical beaches and coconut palms. Known as one of the more relaxed towns in the country, Inhambane is a dream come true to those looking to recoup their mind and body, and one is spoilt for choice when deciding on which beach to frequent.

Praia do Tofo: A Beach Paradise

Apart from offering the perfect spot to catch the sunrise, this beach is home to many restaurants and bars and offers idyllic scenery for long walks on the beach. In addition, the nearby reefs attract the sea life to this gorgeous area, so keep your eyes peeled.

Bazaruto National Park: A Marine Wonderland

This conservation area is situated north of the Inhambane province and is the first marine park in Mozambique, designed to protect the marine life. The two-mile-long reef is a great attraction for the marine life, and visitors can expect to see dugong, rays, sharks, turtles, whales, and much more.

Barra Beach: Your Relaxation Retreat

Situated just 25km outside of Inhambane city center is this popular tourist beach – a typical choice for many holiday-goers. Barra Beach is the ideal place to catch some R & R, and by that we mean BOTH rest and relaxation and the traditional Mozambican drink, rum and raspberry. Apart from basking in the sun, snorkeling in the natural tidal pool below the lighthouse has become a popular activity to do on this beach. This really is the place to be for those looking to rejuvenate the soul.

Experience Paradise at Castelo do Mar

Castelo do Mar is a luxury holiday resort, set in a coconut forest directly on Barra Beach, which pairs perfectly with the rest and relaxation so many are after. Holiday-goers and ‘beach bums’ from all over the world flock toward this popular tourist destination for a sensational break away from home life. Book an unforgettable stay at Castelo do Mar and experience a little piece of heaven on earth.



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