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Mozambique: Your Ultimate Escape from Everyday Life

If there is one thing people live for, it’s the break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even if only for a few days, which is often the case amongst our hard-at-work nation. Of all the destinations that lie on the outskirts of South Africa, Mozambique has grown exceedingly popular amongst South Africans over the years. Why? Well, for a quick (or lengthy) getaway, it really does tick all the boxes.

Balmy Weather All Year Round

For most of us, weather plays a huge role when considering holiday destinations. With Mozambique spanning across the coastline of the Indian Ocean, it’s an obvious choice for great weather, almost all year round – think Durban weather on steroids.

Pristine Beaches: The Perfect Escape

Who doesn’t love a beach holiday? Whether it’s to soak up some much-needed rays (with a good book and a cocktail, of course!) or to get involved in water sports, there are so many elements that make the coastline of Mozambique the perfect choice to escape the seemingly never-ending rush of home life.

Friendly and Sociable: Embrace the Culture

South Africa is known to be home to one of the friendliest nations in the world. Naturally, we are drawn to people and areas with friendly atmospheres and sociable people. Whether you choose to interact with the locals, mingle with other tourists, or keep to yourself, Mozambique is just what you make of it.

Fascinating History: Explore the Past

Once a trading base for Arabs and Asians, this destination offers a world of interesting history to be discovered – from ancient architecture, to how they traded, and even a look into the current culture and beliefs of the local Ibo community, there are many guided tours and historical activities that will let you in on this amazing country.

Escape to Mozambique’s Hidden Gem: Castelo do Mar

Not only is Mozambique a stone’s throw away from home, but the country offers up something for everyone. On your next visit to Mozambique, consider a stay at the magnificent Castelo do Mar. Situated along the coast in the majestic province of Inhambane, this luxury beachfront hotel offers a relaxing getaway with plenty of land and sea activities to keep the ‘busy bees’ occupied. Book your stay with Castelo do Mar today.



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